Project Reception Policy

If you want to submit a project to us for our consideration, it must contain the following requirements:

  • First, properly fill out our submission format and sign each page both columns. You can download from this page.
    • You should be the author and/or representative of the project and be over 18 years-old or 21 whatever age applies to guarantee you can be legally responsible for your actions.
    • The project should be legally registered with your name as an author/authors. In case we were interested in it, a copy of this registration will be required.
    • The project should not be committed to any other company – a production house, channel, platform, and, in general, with any audiovisual means of transmission and distribution- unless you are looking for a co-production, in which case you should attach a letter where you express your interest to co-produce with us as well as what is the proposal and conditions that you have and /or offer, the official data of the company -name, emails, telephones and name of the person in charge of the project. *
    • Projects can be scripted and non-scripted.
    • Our primary target are men and women ages 25 to 45, socio-economic target A, B, C and C+.
    • We are only into prime content.

    For Non-scripted / Non-Fiction we are looking for:

    • Prime Shows, Makeover, Trivia Shows, Interactive Game Shows, Physical Challenge and Talent. We look above all, for material that is uplifting; that have their comic part with a deep and emotional narrative (drama, dramedy).
    • A minimum of 10 episodes and a maximum of 15 per season.

    For Scripted: only fiction, premium content:

    • Miniseries, series, movies of any genre. Here are the durations for each format:
      • Miniseries – a minimum of 4 episodes and a maximum of 8.
      • Series – a minimum of 6 episodes and a maximum of 12 per season; they should have the potential for the development of at least 3 seasons. Each season is somehow be self-conclusive. Each episode should last between 45 to 52 minutes per episode.
      • Teleseries – an average of 60 episodes of 22 to 24 minutes or 45 minutes per episode, with the potential for developing at least 2 seasons.
      • Movies– 90 to 120 minutes. All genres, especially comedy with a maximum budget of one and a half million USD. Mostly we are looking for non-theatrical exhibition.

    The presentation shall include:

    • Data sheet (format, gender, duration, target)
    • Tagline (the concept in a line)
    • Logline (short project description of no more than four lines)
    • Short synopsis (maximum 1000 words)
    • Description/psychology of the main characters (300 to 500 words each).

    As already mentioned, your submission must be accompanied by our “submission format” duly filled and signed, page by page, by you as an author and/or by your representative.

    Projects must be in pdf format and emailed to the addresses that appear in the submission format.

    Download ” submission format 

    We are excited to be part of the beginning and development of big projects and to support talented creators.

    *No project sent to us will be returned, you should keep a copy of it.

    We are not responsible if we receive, from different authors, material that contain/develop the same idea/ or thematic as yours and that may turn out to be similar to it in any form. The only ones responsible for the originality of its content are the original authors of the project sent to us.

    The fact that we receive a project under no circumstances mean nor imply that it is established some kind of contractual and / or employment relationship between the sending person and our companies nor would it imply any kind of commitment to be acquired by us.