He is the founder of Comarex, pioneer and one of the most recognized executives in the audiovisual industry for the past 50 years. He started his TV career in 1966. 

In 1974, he worked for Protele, a subsidiary of Televisa, distributing Mexican telenovelas worldwide, one of the most beloved genres, especially in Latin America.

He built a solid 22 years old career at Televisa and another 22 years old one at TV Azteca, the two big moguls of the entertainment industry in Mexico, running their sales and acquisition divisions. 

Nowadays, he globally supervises Comarex’s sales, acquisitions and studios’ divisions.

He was “Personality of the Year” at MipCom 2016, as a recognition of excellency in his career.

He has produced more than 10 telenovelas, such as “The Gaze of a Woman and television TV series such as the Spanish version of “The Nanny “.

He also created Fonovisa USA.